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In 1779 brothers John and George Stewart set up business in the Royal Mile in Edinburgh as the House of Stewart, to trade in the finest spirits of the time.

Meantime in Guyana, and throughout the Caribbean, rum had already been distilled for many generations, at least as far back as the 17 th century.In those days distillation methods were often basic, but procedures in the Demerara district of Guyana favoured their own special apparatus, and had established a reputation for quality, supported by the native sugar cane, which made excellent smooth rum with a rich and attractive flavour.

During the early years of the 19th century the affairs of J & G Stewart in Edinburgh were flourishing, and when rum was required to match the spirits on which their reputation had been built, the experts they employed could find nothing to equal the Demerara product.

Thus was created Stewarts Demerara Rum, a product of excellence then as now, when the rum continues to come from the same source, and is made in the same special way.

Product Range

Stewarts Fine Old Demerara Rum

Finest traditional Rum distilled in Demerara blended and bottled by Stewart’s to their own special recipe for over 150 years. A selection of the very best rums from this famous distric, with distinctive dark colour and the smooth mellow flavour associated with superior old rums.

Available in 1.5ltr, 70cl, 35cl and 20cl bottles.

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