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Hughson Brothers was originally acquired over 30 years ago by our company John Tulloch (Shetland Products) Ltd, at which time Hughson Brothers was operating as a small trader selling medicines and toiletries, along with fancy goods and local memorabilia, including postcards.

The business was then moved from the original location to the company's premises at Montfield Lerwick, and additioanl lines were added progressively towards a full wholesale service. In 1993 we moved to our new warehouse at Gremista, and since then have offered a comprehensive cash and carry and delivered wholesale service, covering the whole of Shetland. Hughson Brothers has also been very successful in offering a delivery service for food and other goods to shipping in Lerwck harbour.

Under the original owners Hughon Brothers had always operated an agency operation for the sale of licensed spirits, which was expanded into full range of beers, wines and sprits, and in 1992 the Stewarts Rum brand was purchased and is wholly owned by Hughson Brothers. In 1991 we joined the Today's Group, which is now the largest buying group in the UK, with an annual purchase power upwards of £7 billion. Subsequently we have introduced a regular programme of promotions to our customers with a total 17 deliveries per year, in addition to a weekly service for deliveries of chilled goods, all with the support of the buying group.

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